Skin Prick Allergy Testing

Diagnosing food allergies with a simple skin prick test.

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What Is Skin Prick Allergy Testing?

Allergies are commonplace for Atlanta residents, with children particularly inclined to experience reactions to a variety of substances. While people may recognize they are experiencing a reaction, it can be tricky to determine exactly which substances are responsible.

Skin prick allergy testing

Food allergy testing is one of the best methods to help understand just what is to blame. This enables a tailored solution to reduce the impact of an allergen on those who are sensitive. One approach Chacko Food Allergy Treatment Center uses is skin prick allergy testing, a test that offers quick, accurate results to patients.

Skin Prick Allergy Testing Process

Skin prick allergy testing should provide results within an hour. The process involves applying a concentrated form of various allergens to your skin. The allergist will then prick or scratch the skin to allow the solution to enter your body. After around 15 minutes, your skin will be analyzed for results.

If you have a small rash or swelling on an area that has received the solution, you are probably allergic to that particular substance. This approach can test for many allergens and clearly identify which ones provoke a negative reaction.

Should You Opt for a Skin Prick Allergy Test?

The skin prick allergy test is a quick and effective way to diagnose your food allergies. However, this helpful test may not be appropriate in every situation. Before being tested, your doctor will discuss any medications you are taking. In some cases it may be necessary to stop taking a medicine for a few days to ensure a natural reaction to the allergens. If you cannot stop taking certain medications, your doctor may suggest an alternate approach such as a blood test. Additional skin test options include a patch test and skin injection test.

Common Skin Prick Allergy Testing Questions

Will the test cause an allergic reaction?

A skin prick test uses very small doses of allergens, so any effects should be minimal. Speak to your doctor if you experience negative symptoms like dizziness, nausea, or shortness of breath.

Is this test appropriate for my child?

Skin tests are effective for discovering your child’s allergies. A consultation will ensure your child receives the appropriate testing and subsequent treatment plan.

What is the next step if allergies are discovered?

After identifying any allergies, your doctor will discuss an appropriate treatment plan. You can try to avoid encountering the identified allergens by altering your diet or altering the locations where you spend your time. Additionally, treatments like immunotherapy or oral immunotherapy can desensitize your body to the offending allergens.

Get Accurate Testing for Food Allergies

If you are concerned about an allergy or allergic response, accurate testing helps you find the best solution for you or your children. From one of our locations in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Canton, Cumming, Druid Hills, Duluth and Johns Creek, we can test for a wide range of allergies. Get in touch with the food allergy treatment center at 678-668-4688.

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