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There are 700 known foods that can cause allergic reactions from mild to severe, so Chacko Food Allergy Treatment Center is here to help with all food allergy symptoms. Call to schedule an appointment with our Alpharetta office today.

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If you’re near Alpharetta and need help with food allergies, visit our top-rated allergy clinic. We provide all aspects of allergy testing plus the latest treatments such as oral immunotherapy.

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Food allergies including peanut allergy may now be addressed with desensitization, or oral immunotherapy treatment (OIT). OIT treatment must always be dispensed by a specialist in a medical office, as there could be health risks.

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    Understanding Oral Immunotherapy

    Oral immunotherapy, also known as food desensitization, is a treatment that helps you build up immunities to food allergens that could otherwise be life-threatening.

    What is Oral Immunotherapy (OIT)?

    Oral immunotherapy is a treatment where a patient ingests small doses of an allergen to build up resistance.

    History of Oral Immunotherapy

    Oral immunotherapy dates back to the times of Alexander the Great. He would ingest poisons to increase immunities.

    Frequently Asked Questions About OIT

    Dr. Thomas Chacko and his team are here to answer the most common OIT questions and address your concerns.

    Oral Immunotherapy Treatments

    Before treating your food allergy, we will diagnose the allergen and then determine the best treatment option.

    Top-Rated Food Alpharetta Allergy Specialist

    You may actually have a food allergy even if you suspect it is something like hay fever. At our Alpharetta food allergy treatment center we have a process to find the answer and the solution. Allergy testing options include these procedures:

    • Skin Prick Test
    • Blood Test
    • Oral Challenge Test

    Once our allergy specialists have made a diagnosis after testing, allergy patients receive a personalized allergy treatment plan. Patients experience relief as well as a plan designed to essentially desensitize the person to an allergen, greatly reducing the chance of a dangerous reaction.

    This desensitization is accomplished through oral immunotherapy (OIT), also known as desensitization treatment. This promising treatment can even address very serious sensitivities such as egg and peanut allergy issues.

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