Food allergy testing in Atlanta.

Due to the unpredictable nature of food allergies, getting an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan should be a priority for anyone experiencing symptoms. The food allergy testing process is a vital part of this effort, ensuring that individuals and their allergists can manage the issue appropriately. But since many people only experience mild reactions, allergies often go undiagnosed. Here are some of the primary reasons to visit your Atlanta allergist for testing.

Why Should You Visit an Allergist for Food Allergy Testing?

Anyone with food allergy symptoms can benefit from food allergy testing. The process typically involves skin prick tests, blood tests and/or oral food challenge testing, alongside an analysis of symptoms and medical history.

Identify Allergens

The primary purpose of food allergy testing is to identify specific food allergens. By precisely understanding the substances in foods that trigger an allergic reaction, patients can take the right steps to manage their allergy.

Prevent Severe Reactions

Knowing the foods a person is allergic to can prevent severe and potentially life-threatening reactions such as anaphylaxis. This knowledge can help individuals avoid consuming foods that might trigger such reactions, or to choose desensitization using oral immunotherapy treatment (OIT).

Food Allergies Are Unpredictable

A person may experience only mild reactions after eating certain foods like eggs, peanuts or tree nuts. However, there is no certainty that reactions will remain mild. Seeking food allergy testing is an important step in preventing immune system overreactions that could become worse over time.

Improve Quality of Life

Someone that knows which foods cause allergic reactions can significantly improve their quality of life. Understanding the allergenic substances to avoid can help prevent the uncomfortable, disruptive symptoms like skin rashes, digestive problems and respiratory issues that often accompany an allergy.

Guide Dietary Choices

Fortunately, skin testing and food allergy blood tests are accurate, so you can maintain a balanced diet without unnecessarily avoiding entire food groups. Once the allergens are identified, families can follow a balanced diet that reduces risks without missing out on necessary nutrients.

Aid in Diagnosis

Food allergy testing can also help differentiate between food allergies and other conditions with similar symptoms, such as irritable bowel syndrome or food intolerances. While a food allergy and food intolerance share symptoms, they do differ – food intolerance is actually a digestive issue that is unrelated to the immune system.

Inform Medical Treatment

The results of food allergy testing can inform the approach used to manage a person’s allergies. For example, an allergist might recommend carrying an epinephrine auto-injector in case of a severe allergic reaction, and they may suggest a long-term food allergy treatment like OIT.

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