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With so many children dealing with an allergy to cow’s milk, it’s no surprise that many Atlanta parents seek out dependable milk allergy treatments. Hives, swelling and breathing issues are common symptoms after exposure to milk, and the severity of a reaction is often unpredictable. However, simply avoiding exposure to dairy products is not easy. So what are the available treatment options for a person suffering from a milk allergy?

What Milk Allergy Treatments Are Available?

The most common way to cope with milk allergies is to avoid contact with milk from cows, sheep, goats and other mammals. Many discover that avoidance is difficult, as milk is used in countless products. Antihistamines or corticosteroids may bring some additional relief, but they are typically used in combination with an avoidance strategy. Overall, while allergen avoidance can certainly reduce risk, avoidance can also unnecessarily limit a person’s diet and affect nutritional intake.

The Best Milk Allergy Treatment

In sharp contrast to the avoidance approach is oral immunotherapy treatment (OIT). With OIT, a patient is exposed to small amounts of milk protein over months of treatment. This process is known as allergy desensitization, as the immune system builds tolerance through gradual and consistent interaction with safe levels of milk protein. A person using OIT treatment can usually expect to reach a maintenance level (where exposure to milk no longer triggers an allergic reaction) at around 12 months or more.

Oral Immunotherapy Treatment

One of the first stages of OIT is confirming a diagnosis through allergy testing. Here, it’s important to understand the key differences between a milk allergy and lactose intolerance. While both conditions share similarities, OIT is only appropriate for allergies.

Many of our patients have experienced anaphylaxis after exposure to milk, and are worried about eating or drinking the wrong thing. Parents become reluctant to let their child go to birthday parties and other events in case they might consume food containing milk.

After a comprehensive diagnosis, our doctors work with patients and families who are seeking a long-term allergy solution using OIT. By engaging with the desensitization process, patients develop immune system tolerance and also gain self-confidence with their ongoing food choices.

Milk Allergy Desensitization With OIT

A study published by Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology identified that patient-centered care is a critical factor in the efficacy of oral immunotherapy treatment. Empowering patients through personalized care and adapting to their individual requirements leads to greater adherence to the treatment. Our allergists use a patient-centered approach that involves children and their families in the process. This increases the likelihood of reaching the maintenance level and achieving sustained milk tolerance.

Dedicated Milk Allergy Treatment Doctor in the Atlanta Area

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