Peanut allergy desensitization in Atlanta.

Can Peanut Allergy Desensitization Treat Your Allergy?

Unfortunately, a peanut allergy brings with it the potential risk of a severe allergic reaction. With the threat of an anaphylactic reaction, it is important to find a reliable peanut allergy treatment for your condition. One effective treatment option offered by Chacko Food Allergy Treatment Center in Atlanta is peanut allergy desensitization. Here’s what you need to know about this cutting-edge treatment.

What Is the Peanut Allergy Desensitization Process?

Peanut allergy desensitization – oral immunotherapy treatment (OIT) – is an effective way to build tolerance to an allergen. An individual becomes allergic to peanuts when the immune system overreacts to the presence of proteins in the system. Antibodies are produced to try to counter the threat, and the resulting chemical release causes the symptoms of a peanut allergy.

Desensitization works by getting the immune system used to peanut proteins in the body. An allergist will provide small amounts of peanut proteins to a patient while monitoring results. Over time, the dose can be increased until an individual can eat a handful of peanuts without experiencing any negative side effects. This process may take 6–12 months, but it will be necessary to consistently consume peanuts to maintain tolerance levels.

Why Is Peanut Allergy Desensitization an Effective Solution?

When people first learn what food desensitization is, it can sound like a cure. Sadly, there is no cure for an allergy and no guarantee of success. However, OIT is a highly effective way to dramatically limit the impact of an allergy on a person’s life. Common practices like food avoidance and using specific medication play an important part in a treatment plan, but desensitization actually allows you to continue consuming peanuts in your daily life.

Does Desensitization Work for Other Allergies?

Besides peanut allergy, desensitization is a useful tool for other allergy issues. People can benefit from the safe and gradual exposure to other food proteins through this process that brings the potential to change the lives of OIT participants. Similarly, immunotherapy or allergy shots can be important for treating pollen, insect stings, dust and pet dander allergies.

Is Peanut Allergy Desensitization Right for Me?

To determine if peanut allergy desensitization is the right approach for you, make an appointment with a board-certified allergist in your area. In so many cases, individuals have never actually been diagnosed for their allergy, leaving real uncertainty around the precise allergen (or allergens) at fault.

Food allergy testing can identify the allergen triggering a reaction, and a treatment plan can follow. It should be noted that desensitization is not a quick process, yet for those afflicted by aggravating allergies, the long-term impact can be life-changing. With peanut allergies carrying a serious threat for adults and children across the country, OIT may be the solution you have been looking for.

Desensitization Treatment for a Peanut Allergy

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