Allergies caused by popular holiday foods

Stay Safe From Allergies This Holiday Season

For most people, the holiday season is a time to relax – and indulge in a few foods they may not normally eat. Before you take any risks, take a look now at the top allergy-triggering foods. It can help you avoid possibly needing an emergency food allergy treatment in the future.

Top Allergy-Triggering Holiday Foods

You might be considering taking a chance on a certain dish this holiday, or your child might be trying a food for the first time. Before taking that first bite, let’s examine the ingredients in these items.


Desserts are a highlight of the holidays, but some can cause problems for allergy sufferers. For instance, apple pie and pumpkin pie could be made using wheat crust. If you have a wheat allergy, make sure to learn the ingredients before sampling dessert. Many families enjoy the tradition of fruitcake – and even The White House has a traditional fruitcake recipe – but tree nuts are usually present along with the candied fruit.

Turkey Stuffing

For many families, stuffing or dressing is a core part of a holiday dinner. But stuffing can trigger an allergy depending on how it’s made. It’s not unusual to find gluten, wheat or eggs in stuffing recipes, and the results can be hazardous for allergy sufferers. Make sure to check the contents before starting your meal.


Similarly, gravy may contain wheat (gluten) and milk, putting many people at risk. If you can’t stomach a holiday dinner without gravy, try a homemade recipe that avoids many allergens that are found in pre-prepared mixes. With just a little extra work you can create a tasty gravy that the whole family can enjoy.


Vegetables are a staple of a Christmas dinner and most other meals. But what if you are allergic to certain vegetables? Oral allergy syndrome (OAS) is a common allergy that occurs when your immune system mistakes fruit and vegetables for pollen, and an allergic reaction is triggered. OAS is less likely with cooked foods, but it’s important to stay vigilant.


Eggnog is definitely a holiday tradition, and it can be hard to turn down. But both milk and eggs are an allergy trigger for many people. While some recipes are more of a concern than others for egg allergy sufferers, if you have ever experienced a negative response to eggs or milk it’s crucial to check the ingredients, whether store-bought or homemade.

Are You Concerned About a Food Allergy?

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