Atlanta Halloween food allergy tips.

Halloween excitement is already starting to build, but for many Atlanta parents, preventing a food allergy scare is their biggest concern. And as always, professional food allergy testing and allergist-prescribed treatments are the two most essential preventive measures. However, there are also steps parents and their children can take to stay safe during the holiday.

How to Avoid Food Allergies This Halloween

Halloween is a difficult time for anyone with a food allergy. But with the following tips you can enjoy a fun day, one free from food allergy risks.

Review All Candy

Make sure your kids understand the importance of checking labels before eating a treat (or any food). After trick-or-treating, be sure to read candy labels before your child takes a bite.

Prepare Allergy-Safe Recipes

Accepting homemade treats from neighbors could be risky if you don’t have a complete list of ingredients. However, making your own allergy-safe recipes is a fun experience, and will ensure you avoid exposure to allergens.

Know the Allergy-Free Candy Options

While many popular candy brands are free of allergens like peanuts, milk and eggs, some can put children at risk. You can see our list of allergy-free safe candy options for Halloween to learn more.

Buy Non-Food Treats

Rather than giving candy out this Halloween, you could use small toys and novelty items. From pencils and crayons to mini-erasers and bracelets, there are plenty of Halloween-themed gifts that don’t carry an allergy risk.

Provide a Safe Treat Bag

If your kids are heading out to trick-or-treat, first creating a safe treat bag is a great way to reduce temptation. A child can grab a treat from their safe treat bag as they go from house to house, with no need to worry about reading a label.

Stay In and Host a Party

Trick-or-treating is a Halloween highlight for many children, but you can also enjoy the holiday with a themed party at home. Put up decorations, dress in costume and get the safe snacks ready! You’ll allay allergy fears with an evening of games and fun.

Avoid Food Without Labels

Have a discussion with your child about the issues of eating snacks that are not labeled, or that have labeling that’s not very clear with respect to allergens. For instance, even if the candy appears to be safe, it might have been prepared in an environment where traces of peanuts, tree nuts and allergens are present.

Prepare for Emergencies

By taking precautions, parents and children can avoid the threat of food allergies and have a safe Halloween. However, it’s always worth being prepared for an allergic reaction. You can speak with your allergist about an epinephrine auto-injector (if your child doesn’t carry one now), and ask about the range of food allergy treatments, including medication and oral immunotherapy.

Contact Us for Food Allergy Testing and Treatment in Atlanta

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