Best food sensitivity test for Atlanta patients.

Food sensitivities and allergies are a frequent source of pain and discomfort for adults and children in Atlanta. To better understand the cause of these health concerns, many allergists rely on skin prick allergy testing. This testing process delivers quick results that contribute to an effective treatment approach. But is a skin prick test the best food sensitivity test available for patients?

Will Using a Skin Prick Test Give the Best Food Sensitivity Test Results?

The skin prick test is a common, reliable and accurate diagnostic tool for certain types of food sensitivities. With results available in a single visit to your allergist, this test is also convenient for adults and children. Allergists in Atlanta and beyond primarily rely on skin prick testing to discover allergies to foods like milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish and more. However, determining if a skin prick test is the best food sensitivity test for you will depend on various factors, including whether you have a true allergy or an intolerance.

Using Skin Prick Testing for Food Allergies

Skin prick tests are used mainly to identify IgE-mediated food allergies, and to measure immediate allergic reactions to specific foods. Allergists determine if you need a food sensitivity test after a comprehensive consultation. The components of this consultation (such as reported symptoms and medical history) are used in combination with test results and help lead to a diagnosis. The multiple data points that result from skin prick testing demonstrate why these tests are a leading option.

Limitations of Skin Prick Testing

While skin prick testing has a broad range of uses, it is not suitable for a food intolerance. In cases where the immune system is not affected, an elimination diet might be considered to be the best food sensitivity test. However, determining whether you have an intolerance or an allergy is often complicated, and requires the guidance of an allergist. Ultimately, knowing whether you’re dealing with a potentially dangerous allergy or a milder sensitivity is crucial for your health and well-being, so speak with an allergist to gain understanding.

When Alternative Allergy Testing Processes Are Needed

Patients with food allergies or sensitivities may take antihistamines to minimize symptoms. Unfortunately, important medications like these (and others like beta blockers) can interfere with skin prick test results. If temporarily stopping medication is not an option, your allergist may recommend using an alternative test – blood testing, for example. While getting testing results from the lab will take longer, the information from a blood test can inform an effective food allergy treatment that keeps you safe from severe reactions.

Best Food Sensitivity Testing Services in Atlanta

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