Oral immunotherapy treatment for Atlanta children.

Can My Child’s Food Allergies Be Treated With Oral Immunotherapy?

Due to the potential risks associated with food allergies, parents naturally want to find the right treatment plan for their kids. One option proving effective in the fight against allergies is oral immunotherapy treatment (OIT). As one of a limited number of Atlanta allergy treatment centers offering OIT, Chacko Food Allergy Treatment Center has helped many individuals overcome severe allergies. But is OIT a safe option for children?

What Is Oral Immunotherapy Treatment?

OIT is a method of building immune system tolerance towards an allergen. Starting with small doses and gradually increasing the portion size, individuals under treatment consume the food causing the allergic reaction over a period of 6–12 months. As the body becomes desensitized to the presence of the allergen, the person being treated should be able to eat the offending food without risk of an allergic reaction.

Is OIT a Safe Option for Children?

Oral immunotherapy, or food desensitization, is a highly effective approach to treating food allergies in children. While there is currently no cure for allergies, a desensitization process is the best way to ensure your child can eat all foods without concerns about anaphylaxis. Other methods such as avoidance are useful in preventing an allergic reaction, but keeping track of all ingredients at home, in school and at parties is quite demanding.

In recent clinical trials tackling peanut allergies, it was determined that children from 9 months to 17 years old could benefit from OIT. The study found that the threshold of reaction was raised and an improvement in quality of life was reported. For children at risk of a severe allergic reaction, a supervised treatment plan could offer ongoing protection and a better relationship with food.

Oral Immunotherapy Can Have Social Benefits, Too

Food allergies can have a detrimental impact on the daily life of a child. People who have experienced a severe allergic reaction will often have anxiety regarding their allergy. The fear of eating the wrong food can lead to a highly limited diet that doesn’t provide the right nutrient levels. Additionally, children can feel different from their peers and socially isolated at an impressionable age.

Can OIT Successfully Treat Food Allergies?

When conducted by experienced allergists, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest OIT is an important method for treating childhood food allergies. Researchers at The University of British Columbia conducted trials on preschoolers between the ages of 9 months to 5 years old. Results indicated that 90% of participants reached the maintenance stage. Similarly, Chacko Food Allergy Treatment Centers has a collection of OIT success stories from kids of all ages who are living their lives free from concerns over food allergies.

Treat Your Child’s Food Allergy With Help From an Allergist

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