Tree nut allergy treatments in Atlanta

Allergies to tree nuts are among the most common food allergies affecting children and adults in Atlanta. When using the right tree nut allergy treatment, the risk of a severe reaction can be limited. However, many people just don’t know the best approach to this issue. With several treatment options available, it’s worth considering if avoidance is really the best approach to tackling a tree nut allergy.

What Are Tree Nuts and Why Can They Trigger Allergic Reactions?

Tree nuts are types of edible tree seeds produced by many types of trees. Some common examples of tree nuts are almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, coconuts, pecans, cashews and pistachios. Today tree nut allergies are present in less than 1% to 3% of people worldwide, though age, region and other factors do influence their prevalence. As with all food allergies, tree nuts may cause an immune system overreaction that will trigger allergic symptoms.

Is Avoidance Effective in Treating Tree Nut Allergies?

When you are concerned about the threat of a tree nut allergy, avoidance is an important first step. If you or your child show food allergy symptoms, stop consuming all types of tree nuts until you have seen an allergist for further guidance. As tree nut allergies can be genetic, parents with allergies should be especially vigilant when it comes to allergy symptoms in their children.

What’s the Best Way to Deal With a Tree Nut Allergy?

Avoidance is a strategy, not a true treatment. Avoidance is important, but it might not prevent an allergic reaction from exposure to tree nuts, as even trace elements of a type of nut within a sauce or snack can cause symptoms to appear. Thankfully, there are more effective long-term approaches that allergists may recommend.

Food Allergy Testing

Food allergy testing is an important stage in treating tree nut allergies, since this process helps lead to a precise diagnosis. In most cases, people are allergic to more than one tree nut. If this is the case, skin prick or blood testing will identify these other potential threats to your health.

Allergy Medication

An allergist uses testing results and personal medical history when considering the benefits of medication. For many with only minor symptoms, it may be that antihistamines can minimize the risks of severe allergic reactions.

Tree Nut Desensitization

For a more long-term solution to tree nut allergies, oral immunotherapy treatment (OIT) can be an effective option. OIT or tree nut desensitization helps patients develop a tolerance to tree nut proteins, which limits the chances of an immune system overreaction. And while OIT may require a commitment of six months to one year, its benefits are hard to ignore.

Start Treating Your Tree Nut Allergy Symptoms

Tree nuts are a common cause of food allergies. If you experience symptoms of a tree nut allergy, contact Chacko Food Allergy Treatment Center for food allergy testing and treatment. Our centers are located in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Canton, Cumming, Druid Hills, Duluth and Johns Creek. Call now at (678) 668-4688 or request an appointment today.

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