Eating chicken with egg allergies in Atlanta

Eggs are a common cause of allergic reactions in infants and children, requiring egg allergy treatment and testing to minimize health risks. With a growing awareness of cross-reactivity between egg yolk and bird allergens, many parents question if eating chicken might lead to a reaction. For Atlanta parents concerned about links between egg allergies and eating chicken, here’s what you need to know.

Can I Eat Chicken if I Have an Egg Allergy?

If you or your child has an egg allergy, the symptoms likely include skin hives, nasal congestion, shortness of breath, stomach pains, even a potential anaphylaxis episode. After consuming chicken, some people with an egg allergy will experience similar symptoms.

However, without professional allergy testing, you just won’t know if you are experiencing a genuine poultry meat allergy, or a cross-reactivity between egg yolks and chicken.

Serum albumin is an allergen identified in chicken meat and hen eggs. The immune system of a person with an egg allergy will respond to the presence of this allergen in the body, causing egg allergy symptoms.

Studies have shown a cross-sensitization between eggs and poultry. When a person with this cross-reactive allergy (called bird-egg syndrome) eats chicken, it may trigger an immune system response.

How Common Is a Chicken Allergy?

Fortunately, both bird-egg syndrome and chicken allergies are rare. A genuine poultry meat allergy caused by sensitization to meat allergens is actually not linked to an egg allergy, so it must be treated as a separate condition. In the case of cross-reactive sensitization, incidences of allergic reactions are uncommon, particularly among children.

Because chicken is often quite thoroughly cooked before eating, it means that reactions are not particularly common. The cooking process changes the structure of the proteins, so the immune system won’t identify a threat. However, contact with raw meat may still trigger a reaction and caution is recommended.

How to Determine if You Can Safely Eat Chicken With an Egg Allergy

Ultimately, if you want to know for sure what foods may cause you to react, food allergy testing is required. Allergists use skin prick testing, blood testing and oral food challenge testing to gather vital antibody data.

Testing, along with a discussion about allergy symptoms and an analysis of medical history, provides the information your allergist needs to make a comprehensive diagnosis. And with chicken providing an essential supply of vital nutrients for adults and children, there’s no need to remove it from your diet unless your health is at risk.

Professional Egg Allergy Food Testing Services in the Atlanta Area

Food allergy testing is essential for developing a comprehensive egg allergy treatment plan. For assistance with allergy testing and treatment, visit our centers in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Canton, Cumming, Druid Hills, Duluth or Johns Creek. To contact us, call (678) 668-4688 or request an appointment now.

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