Egg allergies in Atlanta

For Atlanta parents, providing a balanced diet for a child with an egg allergy is a constant challenge. While egg allergy treatment options are available, most people tend to simply restrict their diet and focus exclusively on avoidance. As eggs offer many nutritious benefits, however, is avoiding all foods made with eggs the best option? Let’s look more closely at egg allergies and how they can impact a child’s life.

Can I Eat Foods Made With Eggs if I Have an Egg Allergy?

As with most allergies, egg allergies are unpredictable and require a careful diagnosis and treatment plan from an experienced allergist. Whether a person allergic to eggs can eat foods made with eggs will depend on the severity and specifics of the allergy.

For instance, some people are extremely sensitive to egg protein and require a strict avoidance approach – and potentially, oral immunotherapy treatment. In contrast, others can tolerate eggs when prepared in certain ways or within particular recipes. In most cases, the proteins in the egg white are more likely to trigger reactions than those in the yolk (but this isn’t always the case). For clarity, always speak with an experienced allergist for information and guidance.

Cooking and Egg Allergies

When it comes to allergens in food, heat can make a difference. For instance, since cooking eggs alters their proteins, it makes them tolerable for some children. Consequently, due to the preparation process it may also be possible to eat baked goods made with eggs. And yes, eating chicken with an egg allergy is a concern due to potential cross-reactivity.

Check Ingredients for Eggs

Because eggs are a standard ingredient in so many products, it means a lot of label reading for those with allergies. Today, most packaged foods are required to list major food allergens, helping parents and those with allergies avoid accidental exposure. Mayonnaise, salad dressings, pancakes, waffles, cookies and pastries are just a few foods that often include eggs.

Strategies for Managing an Egg Allergy

If you suspect you have an egg allergy, or are experiencing symptoms after consuming dishes containing eggs (or any other food type), it’s wise to look into food allergy testing. Safe testing procedures can help ascertain the specifics of your allergy and guide you in making safe dietary choices.

Along with consultation with an allergist, food allergy testing can help in creating a personalized management and treatment plan. From carrying an epinephrine auto-injector for emergencies to desensitization using oral immunotherapy treatment, there are practical solutions that minimize the risk of a severe reaction.

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