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Professional Food Allergy Testing in Atlanta

Food allergies can range from mild to incredibly dangerous. These unwanted symptoms can and do affect the quality of life for many people across Atlanta. Without access to reliable food allergy testing and a clear diagnosis, allergy sufferers may put their health at risk with every meal. Thankfully, a simple search for food allergy testing near me can put an individual in contact with an allergist. Making an appointment with your allergist is an important first step towards allergy treatment that can result in better health overall.

What Food Allergy Testing Options Are Available?

Food allergy testing is an investigative process performed by your allergy doctor. While the process can vary for each patient, it typically begins with the following steps.

  • Physical examination – A physical examination is usually performed to find the common signs of allergies. The process could include skin rash monitoring, ear, nose and throat analysis, even a breathing checkup.
  • Medical history – Your medical history could give some clues into the causes of your allergy symptoms. In addition, knowing the history of allergies in your family can contribute to both testing and diagnosis.
  • Food allergy symptoms – Provide as much information as possible to your allergist. Important information could include the foods you were eating at the time of the reaction, the quantity consumed, when symptoms began and so on.

Types of Allergy Testing

Your allergist will then proceed with a food allergy or food sensitivity test. A skin prick test is the most likely option, but other tests are also used under certain circumstances.

  • Skin prick test
  • Blood test
  • Oral food challenge
  • Patch test
  • Elimination diet

Do I Need to Prepare for a Food Allergy Test?

If you are taking allergy medications such as antihistamines, your allergist may request that you stop the medication a few days prior to the test. Medication may prevent accurate test results by limiting the immune system response to allergens. However, in every case a person’s health will take priority and the safest approach will be used.
The Risks of Food Allergy Testing

Professional food allergy testing is performed in your allergy doctor’s office under medical supervision. The procedures are proven to deliver safe results, and the chances of a severe reaction are minimal.

Skin allergy tests rely on redness and small bumps on the skin as indicators of an allergy. Therefore, you can expect to experience some minor skin redness, itching or swelling for a few hours after the test. There is also a small possibility of anaphylaxis following an allergy test, but this is very rare. Your allergist will have appropriate treatment, including an epinephrine auto-injector in the unlikely event of a severe reaction.

Treatments for a Food Allergy After Testing

Find the Best Food Allergy Testing Near Me

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