Almond allergy treatments in Atlanta

An allergy to almonds is a common type of allergy in children, though it can develop at any age. With the benefit of a professional tree nut allergy treatment, individuals can reduce the chances of severe reactions. However, many people in Atlanta who suffer from a tree nut allergy have simply never been diagnosed, remaining unaware of the potential remedies. If you or your child experience almond allergy symptoms, here are some steps you can take.

What Are the Steps for Treating an Almond Allergy?

The first step in treating an almond allergy is to recognize the symptoms. Almond allergy reactions typically include one or more of the following symptoms.

  • Skin reactions such as itching, redness or hives.
  • Swelling of the lips, tongue or face.
  • Respiratory issues like coughing, wheezing or difficulty breathing.
  • Stomach problems such as nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.
  • A sudden drop in blood pressure, dizziness or fainting.
  • A potentially life-threatening allergic reaction called anaphylaxis.

Immediate Almond Allergy Treatments

What is considered the best treatment for tree nut allergies is always dependent upon the needs of an individual. And should a person ever experience anaphylaxis (severe breathing difficulties, clammy skin, a fast heartbeat or loss of consciousness), you should contact emergency services and if possible, administer epinephrine.

However, in cases where almond allergy symptoms are mild, there are some remedies that can offer fast relief.

  • Take an over-the-counter antihistamine to help alleviate symptoms.
  • Apply a cold compress to affected areas to reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • Sip water to stay hydrated and flush the allergen out of your system.

These techniques can minimize the impact of a mild allergic reaction, but won’t protect against any future tree nut exposure. For a more long-lasting treatment, you will need to consult with an Atlanta allergist.

Long-Term Almond Allergy Treatment

Allergists work closely with each patient to identify a treatment that will minimize health risks from an almond allergy.

Oral Immunotherapy Treatment

Oral immunotherapy treatment (OIT) exposes a patient to small doses of almond protein. Over time, levels are gradually increased to raise the amount of allergen exposure that it takes to trigger a reaction.

Following successful treatment, the immune system is desensitized to the allergen, and patients can consume almonds without fear of a noticeable allergic reaction. As patients are required to consume almond protein, your allergist will first conduct food allergy testing and assess your medical history to ensure safe treatment.


Allergists may also recommend various medications to treat almond allergies. For patients with severe allergies, medications including corticosteroids, antihistamines and epinephrine auto-injectors frequently bring relief. And by understanding a person’s allergy situation, an allergist can determine the treatment likely to provide the best quality of life.

Professional Almond Allergy Treatment and Testing in the Atlanta Area

Chacko Food Allergy Treatment Center provides comprehensive almond allergy testing and treatment services to adults and children. If you experience an allergic reaction after eating tree nuts, visit one of our allergy centers in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Canton, Cumming, Druid Hills, Duluth or Johns Creek. Call (678) 668-4688  or request an appointment today.

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