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Fighting Allergies With Food Allergy Desensitization

For food allergy sufferers in Atlanta and beyond, food allergy desensitization holds much appeal. The process, also called oral immunotherapy treatment (OIT), offers a more robust solution than simply food avoidance. With the continued threat of an allergic reaction to certain foods, parents are understandably concerned about their children’s exposure to food allergens.

The information below can help individuals decide whether food allergy desensitization is worth considering. You can also help other allergy sufferers by sharing our infographic across social media accounts.

How Does OIT Help Individuals With Food Allergies?

OIT desensitizes an individual’s immune system by gradually introducing a problem allergen. The initial doses are very small, but levels are increased depending on the person’s response to the allergen. The goal is to reach a maintenance dose that can be continued indefinitely. At this point, it should be possible to consume the allergen without experiencing an allergic reaction.

Is Food Allergy Desensitization Safe?

Food allergy desensitization has been proven to be safe and effective in many clinical trials. While a broad range of 60-80% efficacy has been shown, trials typically vary in size and design. Therefore, it is important to work with an allergist who has expertise in the field of OIT. Chacko Food Allergy Treatment Center has desensitized more than 250 patients and puts the safety of its patients first. Additionally, while the treatment is safe, some patients may experience mild allergic reactions as they build a tolerance to the presence of the allergen.

How Does OIT Compare to Alternative Treatments?

Alternative treatments to OIT will primarily focus on avoidance. Patients will need to pay close attention to foods, ingredients, and even trace elements of allergens to prevent allergic reactions. The most common food allergens – peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, shellfish, fish, wheat and soy – are present in many food products and individuals will need to maintain strict standards.

Conversely, OIT enables individuals to continue eating these foods when the maintenance level has been reached. Our food allergy FAQs include more information on allergy treatments.

Can OIT Cure a Food Allergy?

It is important to understand what oral immunotherapy is and also its limitations. OIT is not considered a cure as tolerance usually diminishes if patients stop consuming the allergen. In some cases, sustained unresponsiveness is achieved and the food won’t cause an allergic reaction even after dosing ceases. However, it is more common that individuals must continue maintenance doses after treatment has ended.

Food Allergy Desensitization Infographic

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Food allergy desensitization helps adults and children limit the impact of food allergies. You can help the many food allergy sufferers who may benefit from the treatment by sharing the infographic on social media.

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