Atlanta oral immunotherapy treatment for food allergies.

Food allergies are a persistent problem for countless Atlanta residents. Avoidance is an important treatment approach to take, but many sufferers are now turning to oral immunotherapy treatment. Under the guidance of an experienced allergist, this approach can help people be able to consume foods without fear of a reaction.

Even if a food allergy doesn’t lead to a chronic condition, it can still negatively impact day-to-day life. Food allergies are one of the most common forms of allergy, triggered by peanuts, tree nuts, seafood and other food types.

What Is Oral Immunotherapy?

Oral immunotherapy is an approach to treating food allergies that involves desensitizing an allergy sufferer to a food allergen. A food allergy is caused when the immune system mistakenly responds to proteins entering the body by releasing chemicals. This process leads to an allergic reaction of varying degrees of severity.

Successful treatment via oral immunotherapy can increase the amount of the allergenic food a person can consume without triggering the immune system response. The treatment is as follows… under medical supervision, an individual is provided small amounts of the offending food. The goal is to increase the tolerance levels of the child or adult patient, reducing the risk of suffering an allergic reaction.

How Does Oral Immunotherapy Treatment Work?

If an individual has not yet been diagnosed, food allergy tests will be conducted by an allergist. After diagnosis, the oral immunotherapy process can then begin with a day that desensitizes the immune system. The allergist provides small doses of the food substance and closely monitors tolerance levels. After the desensitization process is complete, the patient can continue taking doses at home.

These doses are gradually increased to raise the level of tolerance to the food, and are taken over several months, with occasional appointments to monitor results. After the process is complete – often taking six months or more – the individual should be able to eat the food without fear of a reaction. Continued maintenance doses will be required to maintain desensitization.

Is Oral Immunotherapy a Cure for Food Allergies?

There is no cure for a food allergy, but oral immunotherapy can help people live without fear of a severe allergic reaction. Many food allergy treatment center patients’ oral immunotherapy success stories show how lives have been positively impacted by the treatment. Following the process, around 50–80% of children achieve tolerance to a food substance that otherwise would have impeded their lives. Not every food allergy will be responsive to oral immunotherapy, and it is important that you discuss the treatment process with an experienced allergist.

Get Treatment for Your Food Allergies

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