Atlanta tree nut allergy treatment

Have You Experienced an Allergic Reaction to Tree Nuts?

Due to the potential dangers from a severe reaction, tree nut allergy treatment is a primary concern for families in Atlanta. Some food allergies are outgrown over time, providing only temporary discomfort for children. However, tree nut allergies affect adults and children alike, with symptoms often persisting over many years. Here are some effective approaches to treating a tree nut allergy.

What Are the Main Tree Nut Allergy Treatments?

The correct approach to treating a food allergy will differ for each person. Before committing to a treatment plan, ensure you have spoken to an experienced allergist who has diagnosed the allergen responsible for allergic reactions.


After experiencing an allergic reaction, avoidance should be the first step. Tree nut allergies can be unpredictable, with subsequent reactions sometimes far worse than an initial mild response. Note that you could be allergic to a single tree nut – or to many types of nuts. Unnecessarily removing each tree nut from your diet is not a great long-term approach, especially when an allergist can offer precise recommendations.


Antihistamines could be an effective option for people with mild reactions to tree nuts. Commonly, individuals will experience a runny nose, coughing, stomach pains and itching. If food allergy symptoms are very mild, your allergist may determine that antihistamines or other medication can keep allergic reactions under control.


Sadly, for a number of allergy sufferers, anaphylaxis remains a constant threat. Consumption of tree nuts could lead to a severe reaction involving dizziness, nausea and breathing issues. A fast response is critical in the case of anaphylaxis, and an epinephrine auto-injector is your best defense against a severe allergic reaction. An allergy doctor may recommend that you carry a product such as an EpiPen® with you at all times in case of emergency.

What Is the Best Approach to Treating a Tree Nut Allergy?

Each of the listed tree nut allergy treatment options offers short-term prevention against allergic reactions. There is, however, a long-term approach that could enable a patient to continue eating tree nuts. Oral immunotherapy treatment is an effective approach offered by a small number of expert allergists.

What is oral immunotherapy? This treatment involves giving periodic doses of a tree nut allergen to a patient to build up immune system tolerance. Patients start the process at a food allergy clinic, building up initial tolerance under close supervision. Subsequent doses can be taken at home according to a predetermined schedule. In successful cases, individuals can introduce tree nuts back into their diet without fear of an allergic reaction.

Treat a Tree Nut Allergy With Help From an Allergist

Tree nut allergies can be aggravating and even pose life-threatening risks. Thankfully, Chacko Food Allergy Treatment Center has vast experience helping patients overcome severe food allergies. Make an appointment at a location in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Canton, Cumming, Druid Hills, Duluth and Johns Creek. Call (678) 668-4688 or request an appointment online.

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