Food allergy testing benefits for Atlanta patients

Why Should You Get Food Allergy Testing?

Food allergy testing plays a key role in the process of treating allergies. A food allergy treatment can only be determined after an accurate diagnosis to identify the specific allergens of concern. But there’s a large percentage of allergy sufferers who have never sought a test from an Atlanta food allergy doctor. Here are some of the main benefits gained from food allergy testing.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Food Allergy Testing?

1. Helpful for Managing Diets

It can be difficult for parents to manage a child’s diet when they are fearful of allergic reactions. In many cases, the result is that entire food groups are simply removed from the daily diet. Removing large numbers of food items can mean that important vitamins and nutrients are neglected, thereby impacting a child’s health. This issue is particularly prevalent when a self-diagnosis of allergies takes place.

2. Helps Differentiate Between an Allergy and an Intolerance

Differentiating between a food allergy and a food intolerance ensures you will receive the right treatment plan. Simply put, intolerances occur hours or even days after consuming the food, and can cause digestive problems. In contrast, an allergic response occurs quickly, and is triggered by the release of antibodies. After a consultation, your food allergy doctor will perform tests to confirm their suspicions.

3. Prevents a Severe Allergic Reaction

Testing for allergies can prevent a severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. But what is food allergy testing, and is it safe? The most common tests monitor reactions to allergens in a safe and controlled environment. Testing means that parents will understand what foods will trigger a reaction – and they can then take an educated approach to managing the allergy. Additionally, an epinephrine auto-injector can be carried in case of emergencies.

4. Improves Everyday Life

Managing a food allergy can be difficult, but it is made far worse when you are limited by your knowledge of the precise triggers. When you understand which foods will cause an allergic reaction, you can live life comfortably, without magnified concern. Children can attend birthday parties, school events and other functions without fear, while teachers and other responsible parties can stay informed about all dietary requirements.

5. The First Step Towards Effective Treatment

Searching for food allergy testing near me will provide various services, but you also need to consider the subsequent treatment recommendations. An allergy test alone will not ensure that you can live your life without fear of life-threatening allergic reactions. Working with a food allergy doctor means you will receive the appropriate assessment, testing and treatment – whether that includes oral immunotherapy, medication, specific allergen avoidance and so on.

Looking for Food Allergy Testing Near Me?

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