Treatment for a hereditary peanut allergy in Atlanta.

Are Peanut Allergies Passed Between Generations?

Peanuts are the cause of some of the most severe allergic reactions. Understandably, Atlanta parents may be concerned they will pass on an allergy to their children and want a reliable peanut allergy treatment they can trust. The prevalence of these attacks leads many people to question why peanut allergies occur so frequently. One common theory is that peanut allergies are genetic and can get passed between generations.

Can a Peanut Allergy Be Inherited?

Research into allergies is still ongoing, but there have been various studies suggesting peanut allergies can be inherited. One study found that individuals were 14 times more likely to suffer from a peanut allergy if a close relative was also afflicted. Another study from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health identified the HLA-DR and -DQ gene region as being linked to peanut allergies within their test group.

While the evidence that peanut allergies are hereditary is strong, it is not the complete story. Environmental and dietary factors may all play a role in a child developing an allergy. Exposure to allergens through the skin and a child’s interaction with peanuts during pregnancy or their early years are all suggested as factors. As research continues into how to treat a peanut allergy, we will have a more complete picture of the exact causes.

Treatment Options for a Peanut Allergy

Peanut Pill

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved a peanut allergy drug called Palforzia. The drug can initially be taken by children between the ages of 4 and 17. Patients who begin treatment during these ages can continue after turning 18. The pill is taken daily and contains small amounts of peanut protein. Palforzia is not a cure for an allergy, and aims to reduce the risk of anaphylaxis or a severe allergic reaction. Patients must still practice avoidance after completing a treatment plan.

Oral Immunotherapy

Dr. Chacko is one of a limited number of allergy doctors able to provide oral immunotherapy treatment (OIT) for peanut allergies in Atlanta and the surrounding Georgia area. The downside to Palforzia is the high treatment price and the fact that it only provides desensitization to approximately one peanut. But OIT with Dr. Chacko is both affordable and increases desensitization to 3–8 peanuts, with most patients able to consume far higher numbers after a successful treatment. Children as young as six months old can begin a cost-effective treatment plan, and go on to enjoy a life without fear of severe allergic reactions.

Get Effective Treatment for a Peanut Allergy

Are you concerned about a peanut allergy and the effects on you or your child? Dr. Chacko can diagnose a food allergy and provide the appropriate treatment plan. We are located in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Canton, Cumming, Duluth and Johns Creek. Call us for an appointment at 678-668-4688.

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