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With the help of our food allergy treatment center you can reduce your reaction to food allergens through Oral Immunotherapy.

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Dr. Chacko Featured on the Cover of Atlanta’s Top Doctor Magazine

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    Understanding Oral Immunotherapy

    Oral Immunotherapy, also known as food desensitization, is a treatment that helps you build up immunities to food allergens that could otherwise be life-threatening.

    What is Oral Immunotherapy (OIT)?

    Oral immunotherapy is a treatment where a patient ingests small doses of an allergen to build up resistance.

    History of Oral Immunotherapy

    Oral immunotherapy dates back to the times of Alexander the Great. He would ingest poisons to increase immunities.

    Frequently Asked Questions About OIT

    Dr. Thomas Chacko and his team are here to answer the most common OIT questions and address your concerns.

    Oral Immunotherapy Treatments

    Before treating your food allergy, we will diagnose the allergen and then determine the best treatment option.

    Your Atlanta Food Allergy Doctors

    Is your child one of the estimated 3% of kids with a food allergy? Then you know the drill. Learn now Dr. Chacko is using OIT to help these children.

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